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    The story of ZNotes begins in the desert city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, where I had completed my IGCSE examinations and had put a lot of time into planning and typing a set of concise, well formatted revision notes. Yet, I got to summer and felt like that time and effort would be wasted if these documents would be left in some old folder on my hard drive. So instead, I just uploaded the documents onto a free blog and told some of the students in the year below.

    Fast forward time, and we have phenomenal organic growth as more and more visitors are using the notes. The comments of gratitude bring us warmth and motivation to continue working on this project but even more importantly, the way students were helping and answering each other’s questions - that’s what was really amazing. Soon, I started getting emails from students who had just stumbled onto the website and wanted to help it grow with more subjects being offered. Starting with the few IGCSE and A-Level subjects I had taken, ZNotes is now able to support even more subjects, especially those which have hardly any kind of support on the internet or in textbooks and providing them free of cost so that students who might not be in the best quality schools and cannot afford textbooks or study guides can still have access to the revision material and perform their best in the exams.

    If you told me ZStudyNotes (what it was first called!) would someday cross the milestone of 15 million hits in less than 5 years, I would've laughed and said that's ridiculous! And yet, with the support of an unwavering team of volunteers from across the globe who have come together, dedicated their time and effort to share in the vision of ZNotes, this website has expanded exponentially and is helping more and more students everyday.

    Diversification in subjects, exam-boards and resource types - the journey for ZNotes is to continue to grow and expand and to look back at this and think 15 million was ridiculous! Join us in this journey.

    Yours truly,
    Zubair Junjunia

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